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Bruce Moore

Bruce Moore

Agent & Senior Vice President

Born and raised on Long Island, NY, Mr. Moore relocated to Tucson, AZ in order to attend and graduate the University of Arizona.  It was at the “U” where Bruce met his wife during their first semester, who is also originally from New York.  They have been together for over 20 years and have two wonderful boys together.  The story of how they met is a good one, please ask him about it!

“To tell you a little about the person you will be working with, should you choose to call me, a few anecdotes; I am the kind of dad that dresses up as a superhero on Halloween to match my boys and I rub their bellies before they go to sleep at night, just so I can see them happy.

My clients are my extended family.  I have been educating people regarding retirement planning options for over 15 years.  It makes me proud to say that those first clients are still with me today, and they continue to refer me to their friends and family.  Most important to me is that my clients feel as though they are my friends, because they truly are.  I can often be found talking on the phone with my clients for 45 minutes or more discussing politics or sports.  My wife, Alexis, is an amazing cook and hostess, and it is not unusual for us to have people over for dinner.  Alexis is also an exceptional vacation planner.  She even spent hours talking with one of my clients, helping him plan his trip to Ireland.  She is as invested as I am in the wellbeing of my clients.

I have always believed that the sharing of knowledge is the only way that we can be successful partners in the retirement journey.  I feel that our communication should not be 10 minute conversations about finances, twice a year. It is imperative that the people I work with recognize that our dialogue must be a two way street and that I am accessible to them when they need me.  It might seem inconsequential to someone else, but if they want to talk, I’m available.

During the most trying of times, I have been the first call when a parent or spouse passes away, or during happier times when a grandchild is born.  I have had clients call me from the hospital bed just to talk about life.  There was one time that I even drove to Roswell, NM to pick up a client and drive him to the Albuquerque airport because I knew that it was the only way to get him on a plane to see his first grandchild in California. Sadly he passed away 6 months later, but at least he had the joy of seeing and holding her, and there are pictures that she will always have.  His daughter called me crying, thanking me for helping them make that final memory together.  These are the recollections that I will never forget and what make me continue to do everything that I do. 

Over the years my clients/ friends realize that what I told them at our first meeting is true.  I care about each and every one.  I take what I do very seriously since it affects their lives.  It is not just a job to me.  I do not accept everyone as a client, nor does everyone want me as their advisor.  It is important when choosing someone to help you navigate your retirement plans and decisions that shape the rest of your life, that you not only trust that person but believe that their interests are their priority.  You need to feel comfortable talking to your advisor about all issues, even uncomfortable ones.  I sincerely believe that we need the same values when it comes to honesty and empathy in order work successfully together.  You have my promise, my solemn oath that I will be there for you, your spouse and your children for as long as they need me.

Please feel free to set up an appointment and we can trade stories.  I might even tell you the story of how I met my wife!” -Bruce